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 Martyn Jones
  Teacher of the Alexander Technique
  Martyn Jones, Teacher of Alexander Technique, Bracknell, Berkshire
  Phone: 01344 445853
  Mobile: 07773 276789
  Email:  martynjones75@ntlworld.com

Golfing with the Alexander Technique

What the Alexander Technique can do for you:

  • More distance on Tee shots
  • More accuracy on 2nd shots
  • Better weight on long putts
  • More short putts made
  • No more yips
  • Increase body awareness
  • Feel fresher after the game

Golf Swing

Recent statistics state 57% of golfers experience recurring or constant pain, including problems in the neck, back, hips, legs shoulders, and elbows. Learn to be free of such handicapping pains.

Martyn is also a golf coach for the World Golf Teaching Federation, and teaches players of all levels, from complete beginners to professionals., to perfect their art with the Alexander Technique.

Sports people, in general, make good students of the Alexander Technique since they work on kinesthetic sense and body awareness. Martyn gives workshops, presentations, and one-to-one tuition in Golfing with the Alexander Technique.

One golfer’s experience of the Alexander Technique

Peter Green of Buckinghamshire says:

"I have been a keen golfer for many years. Since starting to study the Alexander Technique I have reduced my handicap from 22 to 17 in just half a season, entirely due to the Alexander Technique. Maybe this is because golf particularly lends itself to the Alexander Technique - freedom in movement and release in the golf swing; it also helps so much to get freedom in the set up to the ball. The other side of it is that you need to learn more awareness of the "golf machine" (the body), and how to move it to make better results with the golf ball."

Martyn will show you how to do this using the Alexander Technique.

Golf teaching

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