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 Martyn Jones
  Teacher of the Alexander Technique
  Martyn Jones, Teacher of Alexander Technique, Bracknell, Berkshire
  Phone: 01344 445853
  Mobile: 07773 276789
  Email:  martynjones75@ntlworld.com

Alexander Technique with Martyn Jones

Martyn Jones has been working with the Alexander Technique for over 14 years, having trained in the United States for over three years.

He has a thriving Private Practice in Bracknell, Berkshire, where he has taught hundreds of people to use the Alexander Technique to help them get rid of pain, and use themselves in a free and easy way to gain a graceful poise in movement.

Martyn is also a Golf Coach for the World Golf Teachers Federation, and loves to work with golfers and other sports players on attaining better performance, through a better use of their bodies.

Martyn will answer any question in understandable English, and make things as plain as possible.

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